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A passport photo studio that fits in your pocket is what ePassport-photo is, a website and app. If you choose to take passport photos at home, this website offers the best possible solution.


With the help of this completely automated passport photo maker, you can quickly, simply, and conveniently take photos of any official document—such as a passport, ID card, or visa—without having to leave your house. Our website has an image tool to assist you produce quality passport photos, as well as up-to-date requirements, recommendations, sizes, and helpful advice on how to take different document photos quickly and efficiently.

A passport is a document that verifies your identification and is required if you are a citizen of the United States and you wish to travel. A biometric photo, which is used in various identity documents worldwide, is an essential component of any passport. These days, you can get your US passport photo taken online without even leaving your home! Alternatively, you can utilize our online photo editor, which modifies your photo to meet the requirements.

ePassport-Photo Tools

US Passport Photo Tool

To begin with, the photo for a US passport must be taken face-on, which requires the subject to stand in front of the camera and stare directly into it. A color photo that was taken within the last six months must be submitted.

Your face must be visible in the image. Avoid using any of the popular social media filters. You are not allowed to wear spectacles. A solid white background is required. You need to maintain a neutral facial expression, thus you can't smile. A passport photo must be 2 by 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size.

You need to measure your head height from the base of your chin to the top of your head, which should be 1 to 1 3/8 inches (25 to 35 mm). Make sure the photo you send is printed on special photo paper and is of a good grade, not a low-quality one.

Visa Photo Tool

The specifications for US passport photos and visa photos are the same. Recall that the alternative with the most freedom is to make your photo online. Take a picture with your digital camera or smartphone and submit it to our online visa photo tool.

Verify that you match the conditions outlined in this post, get a few portraits taken of yourself, select your favorite, and upload them to our online photo editor. The software for taking visa photos will crop the image, adjust the background, and confirm that your photo satisfies the specifications. Worldwide use is supported for passport and visa photographs.

ID Card Photo Tool

For your new ID card, student ID, green card, work permit, or monthly pass card for public transportation, you may occasionally need to take photos. Our goal is to assist you! First of all, make sure you know what kind of photos you need and remember that different situations may call for different specs.

Next, request that you be photographed by someone. Next, select the appropriate photo editor, such as the ID Card photo tool, upload your picture, and watch the magic happen! Our AI will check that your photo satisfies all standards and crop it to the appropriate size.

Benefits of using ePassport-Photo Tool

  1. You Can Save Money: Compared to other options, using the digital passport photo booth is less expensive.
  2. You Can Save Time: Using your smartphone is quicker than hunting for alternative solutions, like a photo booth or studio.
  3. You Can Select the Photo for Your Passport: Take as many as you desire, and you will have an infinite number of photo options.
  4. Integrated Validator: Our ePassport-Photo tool verifies if the photo meets the necessary specifications, such as those for a US passport photo or any other type of visa photo, and lets you know if it has to be adjusted.

Our Mission

  • We are offering this free service to you to help you avoid paying the EXTRA money that photo studios charge for passport, visa, and ID photos.
  • We assist you in creating passport or visa photos that adhere to international standards, regardless of the nation you need them for.
  • Get high-resolution (600–1200 DPI) professional-quality photographs that are ideal for professional printing.
  • Don't worry about the intricacy of creating a passport. In just a few minutes, create your passport photos online.

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Users can upload their photos to our ePassport-Photo website or app, where they will be cropped to the appropriate size for passports and visas. In addition to this main function, users can benefit from several options, including the ability to compress, pick a color, crop, flip, and resize photos. This comprehensive toolbox allows users to effortlessly create free and compatible passport and visa photos, as well as customize them with a few extra features.

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