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Free Online Photo Rotate Tool

You may easily change the orientation of a photo with our free online rotate photo tool. This tool is handy for passport photo editing when you need to adjust the alignment of your image.

The rotate photo tool gives you the option to rotate your photo either clockwise or counterclockwise, making sure that it is exactly in line with the necessary requirements. This tool is especially valuable when minor adjustments are needed to meet the precise positioning guidelines for passport photos.

Imagine you've taken a photo that's slightly tilted, and you want to align it correctly. The rotate photo tool lets you do this with ease, ensuring that your face remains centered and your features meet the requirements.

How to use our free photo rotate online tool?

Step #1: Navigate to our free online photo rotate tool
Step #2: From your device pick a photo to rotate
Step #3: You will encounter two buttons first one is -90 degree button to rotate counterclockwise and another one is 90-degree button to rotate clockwise.
Step #4: Download the final output or restart the process

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Users can upload their photos to our ePassport-Photo website or app, where they will be cropped to the appropriate size for passports and visas. In addition to this main function, users can benefit from several options, including the ability to compress, pick a color, crop, flip, and resize photos. This comprehensive toolbox allows users to effortlessly create free and compatible passport and visa photos, as well as customize them with a few extra features.

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